A 20 year old junior in college studying psychology and Spanish. I'm obsessed with cats, video games, and more cats.

My favorite video games are Mass Effect, Fallout, Dragon Age, Skyrim, Fable, and more Mass Effect.

i found this app that gives you points for every workout logged and you can use them for rewards and junk

i don’t care about any of the rewards for the most part but one of them is donate $1 to cancer research

just gonna earn that one over and over again tbh

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okay but why are video games mostly aimed at guys??? like shouldn’t it be assumed everyone wants to slay dragons in space with hot characters idgi

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when you got 174745253 cops shooting at you in grand theft auto and you’re just like uwwu„„,i knwo I kiled all thos poepl abd im„„trash pl s i”m’ havng a panicc atack leve me alon e

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bioware: what do you mEAN you don't like liara
bioware: you hear that your LI is jealous because u talked to liara once
bioware: aw you rejected her again too bad she's still into you regardless
bioware: guess what
bioware: in order to advance the plot u have to have mind sex with liara. twice
bioware: lol even though shep shut her down and romanced someone else they will continue to talk about how amazing and beautiful she is over the next 3 games
bioware: oh look at all this content and scenes specifically for liara
bioware: i see you used renegade options to reject her again...
bioware: it's ok there's like 9 other chances bc obviously you weren't thinking straight that time lmao
bioware: player
bioware: pLAYER
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there are too many games i want to play and summer is coming to an end

how did this happen

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Track Name: "Bang Bang"
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enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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